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Bathroom renovations can significantly enhance the comfort, functionality, and value of your Strathfield home. Whether you’re looking to update the style, improve efficiency, or simply add a touch of luxury, choosing the right partner for your renovation project is crucial. In Strathfield, Sydney, our team stands out with a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and seamless project management.

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Renovating a bathroom in Strathfield, a suburb nestled in the heart of Sydney, isn’t just about sprucing up your space; it’s a savvy investment that can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your home. Whether you’re living in a classic federation home near the Strathfield Plaza or a modern apartment overlooking the lush greenery of Strathfield Park, a bathroom renovation can add both functionality and style to your property. Understanding the concept of bathroom renovation cost in Sydney is essential to planning your budget for transforming your bathroom into a more appealing and modern space.

Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Strathfield

The cost of bathroom renovations in Strathfield can vary widely, depending on several factors such as the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials and fittings you choose, and the complexity of the work involved. On average, homeowners in Strathfield might spend anywhere from $27,000 to $35,000 on a bathroom renovation. Opting for high-end finishes and custom fittings can push the price towards the higher end, while a basic refresh could keep costs on the lower side.

A bright and airy bathroom with a white vanity, a glass shower, and a window with blinds

Return on Investment (ROI)

The beauty of investing in a bathroom renovation lies in the substantial return it can offer. In Strathfield, where the property market is as competitive as a footy match at Sydney Olympic Park, a well-executed bathroom renovation can significantly increase your home’s market value. On average, homeowners can expect a return on investment of about 60% to 70%. 

Factors Influencing ROI

  • Design and Functionality: A design that balances aesthetic appeal with practical functionality is key. Incorporating features like walk-in showers or statement tiles can make your bathroom stand out to potential buyers.
  • Quality of Finishes: High-quality fixtures and finishes are not only more durable but also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporating water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting can be a selling point, especially for environmentally conscious buyers.

Maximising Your Investment

To get the most bang for your buck, consider these tips:

Plan Your Budget Wisely: Keep a close eye on your spending to ensure you don’t overcapitalize on your renovation.

Seek Professional Advice: Consulting with a local Strathfield bathroom renovation specialist can help you make informed decisions that align with current market trends.

Emphasize Local Flair: Incorporating elements that reflect the local Strathfield character, like using locally sourced materials or designs that complement the suburb’s unique architectural styles, can make your property stand out.



We pride ourselves on making the renovation process as seamless and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that your new bathroom not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Let us be your trusted team for bathroom renovations in Sydney, particularly in Strathfield, dedicated to meticulously transforming your space with a focus on quality and attention to every detail.

Stylish Bathroom Renovations in Strathfield - A Blend of Comfort and Design

Our Services

Services We’re Offering


Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Our team of experts specialises in achieving remarkable, high-quality finishes for both comprehensive bathroom remodels and minor home enhancements.

This image depicts a bathroom renovation by Barr Built located in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney. The design showcases a spacious layout with a large mirror extending over a sleek, wood-finished vanity. A vessel sink sits atop the vanity, accompanied by modern fixtures. The shower area is enclosed with clear glass, enhancing the open feel of the room. Neutral-toned tiles cover the walls and floor, contributing to the bathroom's clean and contemporary ambiance. This renovation exemplifies Barr Built's commitment to luxury and modernity in home design.

Apartment Bathroom Renovations

Our skill set is focused on improving both the utility and style of condo bathrooms, promising a sumptuous outcome in any space.

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Small Bathroom Renovations

We excel at transforming confined bathroom areas into stylish, practical spaces, thereby enhancing both the functionality and the value of your home.

The image captures the Sandalwood Apartments, a residential building located in Strathfield, Sydney. The photograph is taken from street level during the early evening, showcasing the warm sunlight reflecting off the building's windows. This multi-storied apartment complex, characterized by its reddish-brown facade and distinctive peaked roof elements, stands out against the clear sky. In the foreground, a bus stop with a green-roofed shelter and empty streets provide a sense of calm urban life. The image reflects the everyday scenery of those living in Sydney's bustling suburbs and highlights the architectural design of residential living spaces within the city.

Minor Bathroom Renovations

Our expertise is in compact bathroom makeovers, with an emphasis on maximising space and enhancing design in constrained environments.

The Emerald Apartments is a modern residential building located in the sought-after suburb of Strathfield in Sydney. The image presents the facade of the apartment complex, characterized by its sleek design and muted color palette, which gives it a contemporary and sophisticated look. The building's architecture features a combination of clean lines, geometric balconies, and a mix of materials that add depth and interest to its appearance. Promotional signage in front of the building highlights its selling points, such as oversized apartments with premium finishes, a prime location, and city views, suggesting a focus on upscale urban living. The entrance is marked by a simple yet elegant canopy, leading to what promises to be a luxurious interior. This photograph offers a glimpse into the style of urban residential buildings in Sydney and reflects the modern trends in apartment living.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Our strategy for renovating ensuites carries the same precise attention to detail and commitment to design quality found in our small bathroom upgrades.

A newly renovated bathroom in Parramatta featuring a double-sink grey vanity with marble countertop, two circular mirrors, black fixtures, and a walk-in shower with geometric patterned tiles.

Unique Building Regulations and Challenges in STRATHFIELD

1. Heritage Listings and Conservation Areas

Strathfield is dotted with heritage-listed properties and sits within conservation areas that are as Aussie as kangaroos and Vegemite. This means any reno or build needs to keep the local heritage vibe alive. If your dream home is in The Boulevarde or Homebush Road, you might need to jump through a few more hoops with the Strathfield Council to ensure your plans are up to snuff with the local character. Keeping the façade true blue to its original style is often a must.

2. Bushfire Regulations

While Strathfield might not be in the thick of the bush, certain parts of Sydney are classified under bushfire zones, and Strathfield’s no exception to having specific requirements. This could mean using flame-retardant materials or designing your home to withstand the potential threat of a bushie. It’s all about keeping you and your mates safe, after all.

3. Residential Design Codes

The Strathfield Council has a set of Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) that dictate everything from how tall your fence can be to how much of your block can be covered by your house. These codes ensure that development respects the existing character of the suburb, promotes sustainability, and considers the neighbours’ sunlight and privacy. So, if you’re planning to build your castle in Strathfield, make sure to give the R-Codes a gander.

4. Development Applications (DAs)

For most significant renovations or new builds, you’ll need to lodge a Development Application with Strathfield Council. This process can be as tricky as a kangaroo on a cricket pitch, especially if you’re new to it. The Council’s website is chockers with info to guide you through the process, including detailed checklists and forms. A tip from a local: getting a town planner or architect who knows the ins and outs of Strathfield’s regulations can be a real lifesaver.

5. Tree Preservation Orders

Strathfield is known for its leafy streets and ample greenery. If you’ve got a gum tree or any significant tree on your property, think twice before you consider giving it the chop. The Council has strict Tree Preservation Orders to protect local flora. You might need to apply for permission before any tree work can be done, and in some cases, they might say “no worries” as long as you plant a new one.



TLC Payment Plans

Discover the ease of transforming your bathroom with Barr Built’s flexible payment plans, in partnership with T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit. Tailored to fit various budgets, our plans offer loans from $2,001 to $50,000, ensuring your dream renovation is within reach.

Would you like some TLC?

With T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit, you can start your bathroom renovation project with peace of mind, knowing that manageable payments and professional support are part of the package.

Trust Barr Built to make your bathroom transformation not just a vision, but an achievable reality.

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Our Services


In Strathfield, we make plans for every kind of bathroom. Big ones or small ones, we do it all. Our ideas are made to fit Strathfield’s unique style. This makes even old bathrooms look great.


We’ll come to your place in Strathfield for free. We’ll listen to what you want and give you a fair price. This makes everything easier for you.


A project manager will help with your bathroom and toilet work in Strathfield. They make sure everything goes well and looks awesome.


We always do a great job. We check everything carefully and work with skilled people. This way, every project in Strathfield turns out great.


We’ll finish your bathroom work in Strathfield on time. And we’ll stick to your budget, with no extra costs, for homes and businesses.


Our gallery showcases a variety of our works, with impressive before-and-after photos. Notice our use of materials like stone and our focus on lighting and neutral colors to craft stylish bathrooms.

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Packages We Offer

Our carefully curated bathroom renovation cost packages simplify choices, maximize value, and cater directly to your needs.

Essential Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Package

Ideal for budget-conscious clients seeking luxury bathroom renovations without a complete overhaul.
The Comenarra Parkway Photo 1

Premium Transformation Package

A comprehensive bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation solution for those looking to transform their space completely.
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Enhancing Property Value through Bathroom Renovations in STRATHFIELD, Sydney

Insights into Bathroom Renovations in Strathfield

In the heart of Sydney’s inner west, Strathfield stands out as a buzzing suburb known for its blend of residential charm and vibrant lifestyle. Bathroom renovations in Strathfield can significantly influence the local real estate market, giving properties an edge in a competitive landscape. It’s not just about slapping on some new tiles and calling it a day; it’s about strategic upgrades that resonate with the Strathfield lifestyle.

For starters, Strathfield is home to a mix of classic Federation homes and modern apartments, from the iconic Strathfield Square to the luxurious modern living spaces in the “Strathfield Towers.” A well-executed bathroom renovation can enhance the appeal of these properties, making them stand out in listings and open homes. Upgrading to high-quality finishes, incorporating energy-efficient fixtures, or adding a touch of luxury with underfloor heating can make a property in Strathfield more attractive to prospective buyers or renters, potentially leading to a higher sales price or rental yield.

Comparative Market Analysis: Strathfield vs. Other Suburbs

When comparing the impact of bathroom renovations on property values across Strathfield and other Sydney suburbs, there are a few key points to consider:

  1. Demographic Appeal: Strathfield boasts a diverse community with a strong demand for quality living spaces. Renovations that cater to the tastes and preferences of this demographic, such as contemporary designs or smart home features, can significantly boost property values. In comparison, suburbs with a different demographic profile might prioritize other types of renovations.

  2. Market Positioning: Properties in Strathfield often compete with new developments that offer modern amenities. A well-renovated bathroom can help older properties compete more effectively, potentially increasing their value more significantly than in suburbs where new developments are less common.

  3. Return on Investment (ROI): Historically, Strathfield has shown strong growth in property values. Bathroom renovations here can offer a solid ROI, as the suburb’s market is responsive to quality improvements. This may differ from suburbs with slower market growth, where the impact of renovations on property values might be more subdued.

  4. Local Examples: Consider the transformation of properties around the Strathfield Golf Club or those near the bustling Strathfield Plaza. These areas have seen properties fetch premium prices post-renovation, showcasing the suburb’s appetite for quality and luxury.

Expert Guidance On Council Approval for Bathroom Renovations in STRATHFIELD, Sydney

Navigating the maze of building regulations in the Strathfield suburb can be a bit like trying to crack a code while downing a cuppa with a mate. It’s a mix of paying attention to the nitty-gritty and understanding the local slang, all while ensuring your dream reno or build doesn’t cop a fine from the council. Here’s a guide to help homeowners in Strathfield get their heads around what’s what in the world of building approvals.

Different Kinds of Approvals

  • Development Applications (DA): The standard route for most significant building works. This involves a detailed submission, including plans, environmental impacts, and possibly even a chat with your neighbours if the build affects their patch too.
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC): For projects that fit within specific criteria, a CDC can be a quicker alternative. It’s like saying your project ticks all the boxes without the full rigmarole of a DA. Think of it as a ‘she’ll be right’ from a certified assessor, as long as you’re playing by the rules.
  • Exempt Development: For minor renovations and low-impact works, you might not need approval at all. It’s a bit like popping a snag on the barbie in your own backyard – no need to tell the council, provided you’re not causing a ruckus or building the Taj Mahal.

Exemptions from Approval

Certain small-scale and low-impact projects get a pass from needing council approval in Strathfield, like a small garden shed, a bit of landscaping, or minor internal changes. It’s the council’s way of saying, “No worries, as long as you’re not bothering anyone.”

Government Bodies Responsible

  • Strathfield Municipal Council: They’re the main characters in the story of building and development approvals in Strathfield. From DAs to CDCs, they’ve got the final say.
  • NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment: For broader state-level regulations and guidelines, this department steps in. They set the overarching rules that the Strathfield Council then applies to local projects.

Popular Residential Properties

Strathfield is home to a vibrant mix of residential options, from the classic Aussie brick veneer homes to more modern apartments and condos. Properties like the “Strathfield Square” apartments offer urban living, while the leafy streets around “Llandilo Avenue” are dotted with family homes and grand villas that reflect the suburb’s diverse architectural tastes.

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

Get In Touch

Whether you’re looking for bathroom makeovers, complete bathroom renovations, or just to refresh a small bathroom in your property, Barr Built is here to offer the best solutions. Contact us at to discuss your project details and how we can help you transform your bathroom into a space of your dreams.

Strathfield Bathroom Renovations - Sleek Design with a Touch of Warmth

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Our commitment to quality, combined with our keen eye for design, enables us to transform any Strathfield bathroom into a masterpiece of comfort, elegance, and style. Whether you're looking to inject a fresh vibe into an outdated bathroom or aiming for a lavish upgrade, Barr Built is your trusted partner in achieving a renovation that perfectly aligns with your vision and the distinctive character of Strathfield living.

In the picturesque suburb of Strathfield, Sydney, Barr Built distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to delivering transformative and exquisite bathroom renovations. Our hallmark is superior craftsmanship, a principle that guides every facet of our renovation projects. From the initial design consultation to the final touches, we ensure each step is executed with precision, care, and a deep understanding of our client's vision. This meticulous attention to detail is particularly crucial in Strathfield, where homes reflect a diverse range of styles and eras, demanding a tailored approach to renovation.

Our approach is a fine balance between preserving the timeless elegance that characterises Strathfield's historic homes and introducing the modern comforts and amenities that today's lifestyles demand. We deeply respect the traditional aesthetics that define these properties, ensuring that every renovation decision, from material selection to design nuances, honours the architectural integrity of the home.

Our collaborations are exclusively with skilled professionals, craftsmen who share our passion for excellence and attention to detail. Moreover, we enforce strict quality control measures throughout the renovation process, a testament to our resolve in upholding the highest standards of workmanship. This comprehensive approach ensures that every bathroom renovation in Strathfield not only reflects the unique character and style of the homeowner but also stands as a benchmark of quality in the industry.

Our design team excels in collaborative processes, engaging closely with each client to thoroughly understand their aspirations, preferences, and the distinctive essence they wish to encapsulate within their bathroom space. We specialise in transforming these visions into tangible realities, meticulously planning every detail to ensure the renovated space is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of the individual's style and desires.

In Strathfield, Sydney, the duration of a bathroom renovation undertaken by Barr Built can vary significantly, spanning from a few weeks to several months, primarily dependent on the project's breadth and intricacy. Our objective is to streamline the renovation process, ensuring that each project is completed efficiently without sacrificing the quality and attention to detail that our reputation is built upon. We recognise that any renovation, particularly those within the intimate space of a bathroom, can be disruptive to daily life.

Our approach is holistic – we don't just focus on the aesthetics; we delve deep into the fundamental aspects that make a bathroom safe, efficient, and sustainable. From upgrading old plumbing to installing modern, energy-efficient lighting and fixtures, we utilise our expertise to enhance every element of your bathroom. This attention to detail guarantees not only a visually stunning renovation but also one that adds lasting value to your Strathfield home. Trusting Barr Built means entrusting your bathroom renovation to skilled professionals dedicated to delivering quality, safety, and excellence in every project.

At Barr Built, we bring an extensive understanding of the regulatory landscape in Strathfield, Sydney, to every bathroom renovation project. Our familiarity with Strathfield's specific building codes and planning regulations is second to none, equipping us to navigate the complexities of obtaining all necessary permits with ease and efficiency. We specialise in ensuring that every aspect of your bathroom renovation is fully compliant, adhering to the highest standards of safety and legal requirements. This proficiency in managing regulatory requirements is a cornerstone of our service, allowing us to facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted renovation process for our clients.

The typical order of a bathroom renovation involves several key steps:

  1. Design and Planning: Deciding on the bathroom's new look and features.

  2. Ordering Materials: Purchasing the necessary fixtures and supplies.

  3. Demolition: Removing old fixtures and preparing the space.

  4. Plumbing and Electrical Rough-Ins: Installing new pipes and wiring.

  5. Laying New Flooring: Installing tiles or other flooring materials.

  6. Hanging Drywall and Painting: Preparing and finishing the walls.

  7. Installing Cabinets and Vanity: Putting in new storage and sink areas.

  8. Updating Lighting: Installing new light fixtures.

  9. Hooking Up the Plumbing: Finalising the installation of sinks, toilets, and showers.

  10. Adding Finishing Touches: Installing trim and decorative elements.

Renovating an old bathroom within the charming suburb of Strathfield, Sydney, on a budget requires a strategic approach to maximise both aesthetics and functionality without compromising quality. A fresh coat of paint on the walls can dramatically alter the appearance of the bathroom, offering a cost-effective way to breathe new life into the space. Instead of undertaking expensive replacements, refinishing existing fixtures presents a savvy alternative, preserving the character of Strathfield homes while updating their look.