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In Parramatta, Sydney, Barr Built excels in making your bathroom remodel aspirations come to life, focusing on a hassle-free approach, exceptional craftsmanship, and personalised designs that align with your way of life. There’s a growing trend of bathroom makeovers in Parramatta, with residents aiming to boost homes’ comfort, utility, and worth. Expert renovation services are key to seamlessly integrating elegance with practicality.

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Giving your bathroom in Parramatta a new lease on life can be a sterling choice, whether your home is a vintage number in Granville, a modern high-rise with views of the Parramatta River, or a charming villa nestled in the verdant avenues of North Parramatta. Just like prepping for a good old Aussie BBQ, it’s wise to suss out the bathroom renovation cost in Sydney upfront, as well as the potential ROI such an upgrade might bring.

Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Parramatta

First up, let’s talk about the dosh you’ll need to fork out. On average, bathroom renovations in Parramatta and the broader Sydney area can set you back anywhere from $27,000 to $35,000 for a full ripper of a reno. This range can cover everything from updating fixtures and waterproofing to going the whole hog with high-end finishes. If you’re in a spot like the Meriton Apartments or the more upscale joints in Church Street, you might be looking at the higher end of that range to match the vibe of the area.

A bright and airy bathroom with a white vanity, a glass shower, and a window with blinds

Return on Investment

Now, for the ROI – this is where it gets interesting. Bathroom renovations can be a smart way to add value to your property, with many experts reckoning you can expect to see a return of about 60% to 70% on your investment when it comes time to sell. In a competitive market like Parramatta, with its mix of heritage homes and modern developments, a well-done bathroom can be a real selling point. It’s not just about the dosh, though; it’s also about enjoying a beaut bathroom in the meantime.

Factors to Consider

A few factors can influence both the cost and ROI of your bathroom renovation in Parramatta:

  • Design and Materials: Going for top-shelf materials and a custom design? Expect to pay more upfront, but it could also increase the appeal and value of your home.
  • Local Market: Parramatta’s property market is as hot as a Parramatta Eels game in summer. A high-quality renovation can make your property stand out to potential buyers or renters.
  • Functionality: Adding features like water-saving fixtures can appeal to environmentally conscious buyers and may qualify for rebates or incentives from local councils or the government.

Our Promise


Our commitment to superior quality extends beyond bathroom renovation in Sydney to encompass all facets of home improvements. In Parramatta, the name Barr Built stands synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, driven by our goal to deliver renovations that enhance not only your home but also your way of life.

Sleek bathroom renovation in Parramatta showcasing a curved freestanding tub, wooden vanity unit with an above-counter basin, reflective grey wall tiles, and decorative floor tiling.

Our Services

Services We’re Offering


Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Our expert team excels in delivering premier bathroom remodels in Parramatta, guaranteeing that every project, big or small, is finished to the highest standard of quality.

This image depicts a bathroom renovation by Barr Built located in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney. The design showcases a spacious layout with a large mirror extending over a sleek, wood-finished vanity. A vessel sink sits atop the vanity, accompanied by modern fixtures. The shower area is enclosed with clear glass, enhancing the open feel of the room. Neutral-toned tiles cover the walls and floor, contributing to the bathroom's clean and contemporary ambiance. This renovation exemplifies Barr Built's commitment to luxury and modernity in home design.

Apartment Bathroom Renovations

We specialise in renovating condominium bathrooms in Parramatta, aiming to enhance the functionality and design for a luxurious outcome, regardless of size.

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Small Bathroom Renovations

Our expertise in Parramatta bathroom renovations is evident in our ability to transform small bathrooms into modern, efficient areas, increasing both your home’s comfort and its market appeal.

Standing tall in the heart of Parramatta, the Rise Apartment building is a beacon of modern urban living. Its striking architecture adds a touch of sophistication to Sydney's expanding skyline. With its prime location offering stunning views of the Parramatta River, the Rise Apartment complex is synonymous with luxurious living, boasting state-of-the-art amenities for residents seeking a blend of convenience and style in Sydney's vibrant second CBD.

Minor Bathroom Renovations

We excel at renovating tight bathroom spaces in Parramatta, concentrating on maximising the area and bringing style to even the smallest spaces.

The Astra Apartments in Parramatta showcase a bathroom that epitomizes contemporary elegance. This image presents a bathroom with sleek grey tiles, modern fixtures, and a minimalist design, offering a glimpse into the sophisticated living spaces provided by Astra Apartments. Ideal for those who appreciate modern design, these apartments provide an urban sanctuary with a focus on luxury and comfort in the heart of Sydney's dynamic suburb of Parramatta.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Our method for bathroom remodels in Parramatta involves a rigorous focus on detail and a dedication to excellent design, similar to our approach with smaller bathroom projects.

A newly renovated bathroom in Parramatta featuring a double-sink grey vanity with marble countertop, two circular mirrors, black fixtures, and a walk-in shower with geometric patterned tiles.

Unique Building Regulations and Challenges in PARRAMATTA

1. Heritage Listings

Parramatta is rich in history, with several properties and areas under heritage protection. If you’re buying or renovating in areas like the Parramatta CBD or near landmarks such as Old Government House or Parramatta Park, you might face restrictions. These can include limitations on alterations, materials, and even paint colors to ensure the historical character is preserved.

2. Flood Prone Areas

Parts of Parramatta are prone to flooding, especially near the Parramatta River. The Parramatta City Council requires specific considerations for any development in these areas, such as raised floor levels and resilient building materials. It’s essential to check the flood risk and regulations for your property.

3. High-Density Development

With the push towards urban consolidation, Parramatta has seen an increase in high-density developments, especially around transport hubs like Parramatta Station and the upcoming Parramatta Light Rail. This means there are opportunities for apartment living and mixed-use developments, but also tighter controls and requirements around parking, open space, and amenity.

4. Infrastructure Upgrades

Parramatta is undergoing significant infrastructure development, including the Parramatta Light Rail and upgrades to roads and public spaces. While these developments promise to enhance connectivity and urban living, they also pose temporary challenges for nearby construction projects. Navigating around these upgrades requires careful planning to manage access, delivery schedules, and potential disruptions. Moreover, changes in infrastructure can lead to modifications in local planning policies, affecting future development potentials.

5. Zoning Changes

The Parramatta Local Environmental Plan (LEP) undergoes regular reviews and updates, leading to changes in zoning that can affect building heights, densities, and permissible uses. For property owners and developers, staying ahead of these changes is crucial. A property’s potential can significantly shift with a rezoning, affecting everything from the value of the land to the feasibility of planned projects. 

Our Services

End-to-End Bathroom, Laundry & Home Renovations

From full bathroom makeovers to small home extensions, our experienced team delivers stunning, high-quality results.

Free On-Site Consultation

We’ll go over your vision and requirements based on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences then provide you with an on-site inspection and free quote.

Dedicated Project Management

Each project has a dedicated project manager who oversees all aspects of the renovation, so you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

Quality Assurance

You can expect strict quality control at each stage of the project that meets Barr Built’s highest standards with the guarantee that our trades team is fully licenced and insured and all our work and products are covered under warranty.

On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

We pride ourselves on completing every project on time and within budget with no hidden costs, keeping you informed throughout the process.



TLC Payment Plans

Discover the ease of transforming your bathroom with Barr Built’s flexible payment plans, in partnership with T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit. Tailored to fit various budgets, our plans offer loans from $2,001 to $50,000, ensuring your dream renovation is within reach.

Would you like some TLC?

With T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit, you can start your bathroom renovation project with peace of mind, knowing that manageable payments and professional support are part of the package.

Trust Barr Built to make your bathroom transformation not just a vision, but an achievable reality.

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Explore our gallery for ideas on your upcoming bathroom makeover in Parramatta. Investigate our previous undertakings to discover detailed progressions and striking before-and-after imagery, showcasing the transformative power of our renovations.

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Packages We Offer

Our carefully curated bathroom renovation cost packages simplify choices, maximise value, and cater directly to your needs.

Essential Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Package

Ideal for budget-conscious clients seeking luxury bathroom renovations without a complete overhaul.
The Comenarra Parkway Photo 1

Premium Transformation Package

A comprehensive bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation solution for those looking to transform their space completely.
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Enhancing Property Value through Bathroom Renovations in PARRAMATTA, Sydney

Impact of Bathroom Renovations on Property Value in Parramatta
In the vibrant suburb of Parramatta, nestled in the heart of Sydney’s west, the real estate market is as dynamic as the community that inhabits it. A suburb that brilliantly merges the charm of heritage with the allure of modern development, Parramatta has become a focal point for homeowners and investors aiming to maximise property value through renovations. Among the various home improvement projects, bathroom renovations stand out as a crucial factor in boosting property values. Let’s explore how a well-executed bathroom makeover can turn properties in Parramatta into real estate gold.

  • Elevating Aesthetics and Functionality
    A bathroom renovation in Parramatta isn’t just about fixing up an old space; it’s about transforming a functional area into a statement of style and comfort. Modern, high-quality finishes and fixtures can elevate a property’s aesthetics, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters. Whether it’s installing rain showers, underfloor heating, or sleek vanity units, these upgrades contribute to creating a luxurious sanctuary within the home, significantly impacting its market value.
  • Strategic Investment for Competitive Edge
    In Parramatta’s bustling real estate market, properties with recently renovated bathrooms often have a competitive edge. These homes tend to attract more interest, commanding higher prices or rental rates. For investors and homeowners, spending on bathroom renovations is not merely an expense but a strategic investment. By focusing on areas with the highest return on investment, such as the bathroom, property owners in Parramatta can see a substantial increase in their property’s market value.
  • Reflecting Parramatta’s Unique Blend
    Incorporating elements that reflect Parramatta’s unique character can further enhance the value added by a bathroom renovation. Design choices that pay homage to the suburb’s rich history or its natural beauty, like using local materials or integrating greenery reminiscent of nearby Parramatta Park, can make a property stand out in the market. It’s about creating a space that not only looks good but feels uniquely connected to its surroundings, appealing to those who value both the heritage and the vibrancy of Parramatta.

Comparative Market Analysis: Parramatta vs. Other Suburbs

Comparing Parramatta with neighbouring suburbs like Westmead, North Parramatta, and even further afield to Liverpool, the impact of bathroom renovations on property values varies. In more established areas with older housing stock, such as North Parramatta, a bathroom reno can be particularly potent, breathing new life into historic homes and attracting buyers looking for modern comforts in a character-filled property.

In contrast, newer developments in Liverpool, which have been built with contemporary design principles in mind, might not see as significant an uplift from a bathroom update. However, in both suburbs, the quality of finishes, fixtures, and overall design plays a crucial role in the added value. A high-end, thoughtfully designed renovation can make a property stand out in the competitive real estate market, regardless of the suburb.

Expert Guidance On Council Approval for Bathroom Renovations in PARRAMATTA, Sydney

More than a center for cultural and business activities, it’s a diverse residential area featuring modern apartments, traditional villas, and much more. For homeowners or prospective buyers in Parramatta, understanding the local construction laws is essential, whether you’re aiming to construct your dream house, expand your verandah, or build a convenient granny flat for extra space.

Types of Approvals
In Parramatta, there are generally two paths to getting your building project off the ground:

  • Development Application (DA): The more common route, especially for larger projects. This involves submitting detailed plans to the Parramatta City Council for approval. It’s a bit more involved, requiring things like environmental impact assessments, design statements, and sometimes community consultation.
  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC): This is a faster track for projects that meet specific, pre-defined criteria set by the NSW government. If your project is a by-the-book kind of deal, like building a single-storey home or a simple renovation, you might be able to go down this route, skipping the DA process.

Exemptions from Approval
Good news, mate! Not everything requires going through the hoops. Some minor developments, known in the local lingo as “Exempt Development,” don’t need any council approval at all, provided they meet certain criteria. We’re talking small things like garden sheds, fences, or a barbie deck. As long as you’re sticking to the guidelines – like height restrictions and property boundaries – you’re good to go without the paperwork.

Government Bodies Involved
Apart from the Parramatta City Council, there are a few other bodies you might be dealing with, depending on your project:

  • NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment: They step in for larger projects, especially those of significance to the region or state.
  • Sydney Water: Got a project that’s near the drink (waterways) or involves sewerage and stormwater management? You’ll likely need their nod as well.
  • Heritage Office: If your property is a heritage-listed site or in a conservation area, these are the folks who’ll ensure your plans preserve Parramatta’s rich history.

Notable Residential Properties in Parramatta
Parramatta’s got a mix of architectural styles, from the sleek high-rises in the CBD, like the V by Crown Group, to quaint villas in the North Parramatta heritage precincts. Whether you’re eyeing a cosy spot in a condo along Church Street or planning to revamp a classic home near Parramatta Park, understanding the local regs is key.

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

Get In Touch

Whether you’re looking for bathroom makeovers, complete bathroom renovations, or just to refresh a small bathroom in your property, Barr Built is here to offer the best solutions. Contact us at to discuss your project details and how we can help you transform your bathroom into a space of your dreams.

A chic Parramatta bathroom renovation featuring a minimalist white freestanding bathtub, a modern vanity with wooden accents, and stylish patterned floor tiles.

Our Testimonials

Barr Built Bathroom Renovations Sydney
Barr Built Bathroom Renovations Sydney
8 Google reviews
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
We are so happy with our bathroom laundry and home renovation completed by Afi and the Barr Built team in our home. From the beginning all the way through to the end of the project the team kept us informed and alleviated us from the stress of having to manage the project ourselves. The team were also so helpful when it came to providing design ideas/solutions to fit our needs. I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Taylor Goodman
Taylor Goodman
Highly recommend Barr Built. They completed our bathroom renovation and dealing with them was so easy. Very quick to respond, showed up when they said they would and delivered what was agreed. Very happy with their work and would use them again in future.
Emma van Lint
Emma van Lint
Afi went above and beyond for an amazing outcome in our bathroom and kitchen renovation. We initially found him through another company but he was the one who did all the hard work to pull everything together. We can’t recommend highly enough! Fantastic attention to detail, precision and quality. He really cares about his work and it can be seen in the end result. Before and after photos below.
lisa parsons
lisa parsons
Afi is a talented, committed and reliable Project Manager. Every renovation undertaken with Afi’s oversight is completed with excellent attention to detail. He recently managed two bathroom renovations to my little church in turramurra, which significantly increased the sale price. Afi is now completing renovations to my new home in the Southern Highlands. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who will get the job done right. Thank you Afi!
Neil Buckley
Neil Buckley
Afi is amazing … fast,.accurate, tidy..Very knowledgeable and.gets the job done fast. We were super impressed. If we could give him 6.out of 5 we would.

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Barr Built stands at the forefront of the bathroom renovation industry in Sydney, including the Parramatta region, with a strong reputation for delivering highly customised and meticulously crafted bathroom remodels. With a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling the distinct needs of our clients, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform any bathroom space into a bespoke sanctuary that reflects the individual style and functional requirements of its users.

Barr Built is renowned not merely for executing bathroom renovations, but for crafting exceptional experiences that stand out due to our outstanding craftsmanship and unwavering reliability. We place a significant emphasis on personalised design, ensuring each project resonates deeply with your unique aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs. Operating within the heart of Sydney and extending our bespoke services to the Parramatta region, our expertise in bathroom renovations is unmatched.

At Barr Built, our skilled team possesses a profound understanding and expertise in the intricate process of renovating bathrooms within heritage homes throughout Parramatta and the wider Sydney area. We excel in striking a delicate balance between preserving the timeless character and architectural integrity of these distinguished properties, while seamlessly integrating modern amenities and features. Our approach is deeply rooted in respect for historical significance, coupled with a commitment to bringing contemporary comfort and functionality to these spaces.

We understand that the foundation of a successful renovation lies in the details. That's why we invest considerable effort in sourcing materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and suitable for the unique demands of bathroom environments. From high-grade tiles that resist moisture and wear, to robust fittings that blend functionality with style, every material we choose is aimed at enhancing the longevity and beauty of your bathroom.

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your specific requirements, aspirations, and the characteristics of your space. This collaborative approach ensures that every detail, from the layout to the choice of materials and finishes, is considered and chosen to reflect your vision. Our selection of materials is meticulously curated, sourcing only the highest quality options that not only look stunning but also offer durability and functionality to meet the demands of daily use.

We start the process by conducting a thorough assessment of your bathroom space, discussing your vision, requirements, and the desired finishes you envision. This initial consultation allows us to understand the scope of your project comprehensively. Whether you're looking to update a few key elements, undertake a complete overhaul, or incorporate luxury finishes and high-end technology, we tailor our quotation to reflect your specific needs and preferences.

From the outset, we work closely with you to establish a realistic timeline that reflects the specific requirements of your renovation. Whether you are looking to refresh the aesthetics of your bathroom with new fixtures and fittings, or you are planning a comprehensive overhaul that involves structural changes and custom-made elements, we tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our project planning includes careful scheduling of each stage of the renovation, from demolition and construction to installation and finishing touches, ensuring that we maximize efficiency at every turn.

Our team of skilled professionals includes certified plumbers and electricians, each with extensive experience in their respective fields. This ensures that all plumbing and electrical work is not only performed to the highest standards of workmanship but also aligns with current safety protocols and building codes. From updating fixtures and fittings to completely overhauling your bathroom's plumbing and electrical systems, we manage every detail with precision and care.

We manage the entire permit application process on your behalf, from preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to liaising with local authorities. Our aim is to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of your renovation project, such as design and material selection, while we handle the complexities of compliance and regulation.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our careful selection of materials. We prioritise the use of environmentally friendly products that are not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but also have a minimal impact on the planet. This includes sourcing recycled or sustainably harvested materials, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and sealants, and water-efficient fixtures that help conserve water without compromising performance.