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Manly, Sydney, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant lifestyle, deserves homes that reflect its unique charm. Our bathroom renovation services in Manly are designed to transform your space into a haven of comfort and style. With a focus on blending functionality with aesthetics, our custom designs ensure that your renovated bathroom not only meets your personal needs but also complements the coastal elegance of Manly, Sydney.

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When you’re thinking about sprucing up your diggings in Manly, one of the first projects that might come to mind is a bathroom renovation. It’s not just about giving the old loo a facelift; it’s a savvy investment that can seriously boost your home’s value. Delving into the bathroom renovations cost in Sydney, especially in this iconic suburb, let’s dive into the costs involved and the sort of return on investment (ROI) you might expect from dolling up your bathroom.

Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations in MANLY

In the heart of Manly, where the surf’s always up, and the vibe is laid-back yet classy, renovating your bathroom can vary widely in cost. It’s a bit like choosing between a pie from the local bakery or a seafood platter at Manly Wharf – it all depends on what you’re after. On average, a basic bathroom spruce-up might set you back anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. This could cover the essentials: a new coat of paint, updating fixtures, and perhaps a new vanity.

However, for those looking to completely overhaul their space with high-end finishes, like a rain shower head, heated floors, or custom tiling, you might be looking at costs closer to the $27,000 to $35,000 mark, or even more. It’s similar to the difference between a cosy flat in a spot like The Corso and a plush pad overlooking Shelly Beach – the more luxe the upgrade, the higher the price tag.

A bright and airy bathroom with a white vanity, a glass shower, and a window with blinds

Return on Investment (ROI)

Now, let’s talk about the all-important ROI. Renovating your bathroom in Manly is not just about enjoying a nicer shower; it’s a strategic move. On average, a well-done bathroom renovation can offer a return on investment of about 60% to 70%. In a high-demand area like Manly, known for its beachside charm and vibrant community, the right renovation can make your property stand out in the real estate market, potentially pushing that ROI even higher.

Why It's Worth It in Manly

Manly isn’t just any Sydney suburb; it’s a destination. With landmarks like Manly Beach, the scenic walks from Spit Bridge to Manly, and the social hub of Manly Corso, living here is about embracing the coastal lifestyle. A sleek, modern bathroom can complement this vibe, making your home not just a place to live, but a retreat.

Moreover, given Manly’s popularity among both locals and tourists, if you’re considering renting out your property or listing it on Airbnb, a top-notch bathroom could significantly increase your nightly rate or rental yield.

Popular Residential Properties in Manly

Manly boasts a range of residential properties, from beachfront condos along North Steyne to stylish villas near Fairy Bower. Renovating a bathroom in such properties not only enhances your living experience but can also significantly boost your property’s appeal to potential buyers or renters.

Our Promise


In Manly, we recognize that every client is unique, with distinct needs, visions, and goals, especially when it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney. Our promise to you includes a commitment to understanding these individual requirements and tailoring our solutions accordingly. We strive to create personalized experiences that resonate with your aspirations, ensuring that every detail is considered and every possibility explored. It’s not just about the end product; it’s about the journey we take together to achieve your dream bathroom renovation.

Sleek bathroom renovation in Parramatta showcasing a curved freestanding tub, wooden vanity unit with an above-counter basin, reflective grey wall tiles, and decorative floor tiling.

Our Services

Services We’re Offering


Luxury Bathroom Renovations

For comprehensive bathroom transformations or minor home extensions, our skilled team delivers extraordinary, high-quality results.

Apartment Bathroom Renovations

Our expertise lies in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of apartment bathrooms, delivering a high-end finish irrespective of the space available.

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Small Bathroom Renovations

Our specialisation lies in converting compact bathrooms into functional, fashionable areas that boost both the value and utility of your home.

Nestled in the heart of Manly Beach, the Sea Mark apartments offer a serene coastal lifestyle with the convenience of urban living. This modern residential building, with its curved balconies and cream facade, stands as a testament to contemporary architecture that blends seamlessly with the laid-back beach atmosphere. Residents enjoy the proximity to sandy shores and vibrant local culture, making Sea Mark a coveted address for those seeking the perfect balance of relaxation and city amenities.

Minor Bathroom Renovations

Our expertise is in minor bathroom remodels, with an emphasis on maximising space and enhancing aesthetics in confined spaces.

This image showcases a bathroom within the Manly National apartment complex, reflecting a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The design utilizes neutral tones and clean lines to create a sense of calm and simplicity. Features include a large mirror extending the perception of space, a spacious glass-enclosed shower, and a sleek vanity topped with a crisp white basin. The practical yet stylish towel rack holds plush towels, adding a touch of comfort and luxury. This bathroom epitomizes contemporary urban living in Sydney, combining functionality with understated elegance.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Our method for renovating ensuites is defined by the same rigorous focus on detail and design superiority that distinguishes our work on small bathroom renovations.

A newly renovated bathroom in Parramatta featuring a double-sink grey vanity with marble countertop, two circular mirrors, black fixtures, and a walk-in shower with geometric patterned tiles.

Unique Building Regulations and Challenges in MANLY

1. Council Regulations and Compliance

First off, the Northern Beaches Council oversees building regulations in Manly. It’s paramount to consult the Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) and Local Environmental Plan (LEP) before embarking on any project. These documents outline the dos and don’ts of building in the area, from structural heights and heritage conservation areas to environmental management. Checking out the Council’s website is a good starting point for anyone looking to get a handle on the local regulations.

2. Heritage Conservation

Manly is peppered with heritage-listed sites and buildings, adding to its historical charm but also posing potential hurdles for renovations and new constructions. If your property is in a heritage conservation area or is a heritage item, you’ll need to navigate additional layers of approval to ensure your work maintains the historical integrity of the locale. This might mean preserving façades or adhering to specific architectural styles that keep with the area’s character.

3. Environmental Considerations

Given Manly’s proximity to the ocean and its rich natural environment, there are stringent environmental regulations in place to protect the local flora, fauna, and beachfront. Development proposals often require detailed environmental impact assessments, particularly if they’re near sensitive coastal areas or involve significant land alteration. Sustainable building practices are highly encouraged, aiming to reduce water and energy consumption and minimize the impact on the natural surroundings.

4. Popular Residential Properties

Manly boasts a mix of residential properties, from beachfront apartments along North Steyne and South Steyne to luxurious villas and condos nestled in the quieter streets. Properties like the “Waves” apartment complex offer stunning ocean views, while the “Manly Green” condos provide eco-friendly living options for those keen on sustainability.

5. Navigating the Approval Process

Securing approval for building projects in Manly can be a complex process, involving multiple steps from the initial proposal to final inspection. It’s advisable to engage with a local architect or building planner familiar with Manly’s specific regulations and community expectations. They can help steer your project through the necessary channels, making the process smoother and more efficient.



TLC Payment Plans

Discover the ease of transforming your bathroom with Barr Built’s flexible payment plans, in partnership with T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit. Tailored to fit various budgets, our plans offer loans from $2,001 to $50,000, ensuring your dream renovation is within reach.

Would you like some TLC?

With T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit, you can start your bathroom renovation project with peace of mind, knowing that manageable payments and professional support are part of the package.

Trust Barr Built to make your bathroom transformation not just a vision, but an achievable reality.

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Explore our portfolio to see a range of stunning bathroom renovations we’ve completed in Manly and across Sydney.

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Packages We Offer

Our carefully curated bathroom renovation cost packages simplify choices, maximize value, and cater directly to your needs.

Essential Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Package

Ideal for budget-conscious clients seeking luxury bathroom renovations without a complete overhaul.
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Premium Transformation Package

A comprehensive bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation solution for those looking to transform their space completely.
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Enhancing Property Value through Bathroom Renovations in MANLY, Sydney

When it comes to sprucing up a property in the Manly suburb, bathroom renovations are often at the top of the list for homeowners and investors alike. This vibrant coastal suburb, known for its stunning beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and a strong sense of community, is a prime spot for property upgrades that can significantly influence the real estate market.

The Influence of Bathroom Renovations in Manly

In Manly, a suburb that boasts a mix of classic federation homes, modern apartments, and luxurious beachfront properties, an updated bathroom can be the difference between a property that lingers on the market and one that sells for a premium. Given the suburb’s affinity for outdoor living and the beach lifestyle, bathrooms that offer a spa-like retreat or incorporate elements of nature can particularly appeal to the local market.

Renovations that incorporate high-quality finishes, water-saving fixtures, and smart storage solutions can add considerable value. Properties in iconic complexes like the “Manly National” or those along the beachfront on Marine Parade often see a significant return on investment from bathroom upgrades, as buyers are willing to pay a premium for properties that offer modern comforts alongside stunning views.

Comparative Market Analysis: Manly vs. Other Suburbs

Comparing the impact of bathroom renovations on property values in Manly with other Sydney suburbs reveals some interesting trends. Suburbs like Bondi or Coogee, which also offer a beach lifestyle, similarly value well-designed, modern bathrooms. However, the premium that buyers in Manly are willing to pay for such renovations might be slightly higher, given the suburb’s unique blend of beach and city life – a ferry ride away from Sydney’s CBD.

In contrast, suburbs without the coastal appeal, such as Parramatta or Blacktown, still value bathroom renovations but perhaps with a different emphasis. In these areas, practicality and functionality might trump luxurious design, though the overall increase in property value post-renovation remains consistent across the board.

Factors Influencing the Impact

Several factors influence the impact of bathroom renovations on property values in Manly and beyond:

  • Design and Functionality: In Manly, designs that maximise space, natural light, and incorporate durable materials that resist sand and water typically see the highest returns.
  • Local Market Trends: Manly’s real estate market often demands high standards, with buyers expecting contemporary comforts.
  • Property Type: The type of property also plays a role. High-end apartments and beachfront homes might see a greater increase in value from a luxury bathroom renovation compared to a standard residential home.

Expert Guidance On Council Approval for Bathroom Renovations in MANLY, Sydney

Navigating the maze of building regulations in Manly, a gem nestled along Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches, can be as tricky as finding a parking spot at Manly Beach on a scorching summer day. Homeowners looking to spruce up their slice of paradise need to wrap their heads around the unique set of rules before diving into renovations or constructions. Let’s crack into the details, throw in some Aussie slang, and make sense of the approvals required, the council in charge, and which properties can have a fair go without getting tangled in red tape.

Different Kinds of Approvals

Depending on what you’re up to, there are a few different paths you might need to wander down:

  1. Development Applications (DAs): The bread and butter of building approvals. If your project is sizeable or impacts the environment or your neighbours, you’ll likely need to lodge a DA. This process involves a fair bit of paperwork and possibly a chat with your neighbours to keep everything above board.

  2. Complying Development Certificates (CDCs): A quicker option for projects that meet specific criteria laid out in the state’s regulations. It’s a tick-and-flick process for things like minor renovations, granny flats, or some new homes, as long as they tick all the boxes in the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP).

  3. Exempt Development: For smaller projects that don’t change the structure or use of your building. Think along the lines of a new garden shed or a water tank. No need to bother the Council for these little beauties, as long as you’re following the basic rules.

    Exemptions from Approval

    Speaking of exemptions, it’s true-blue that some projects don’t need any formal nod from the Council:

    • Minor landscaping
    • Fences below a certain height
    • Small carports or sheds
    • Awnings or blinds

    It’s like having a barbie without needing to invite the whole street – just make sure you’re not going overboard, or you’ll have the Council knocking on your door faster than you can say “snag on the barbie.”

    Government Bodies Involved

    The Northern Beaches Council is your go-to for most things, but for some projects, you might also need to have a yarn with:

    • NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment: Especially for significant projects that have a broader impact beyond your backyard.
    • Sydney Water: To check if your project messes with any of their pipes or drains.
    • Rural Fire Service: If you’re near bushland, they’ll want to ensure your plans are bushfire-proof.

    Local Examples

    Manly is chockers with stunning properties, from beachfront pads on Marine Parade to cosy villas near Manly Dam. Whether you’re renovating a classic Federation home or building a sleek new apartment block, understanding these regulations will keep you in the clear and help maintain the laid-back vibe that makes Manly a top spot to call home.

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

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Whether you’re looking for bathroom makeovers, complete bathroom renovations, or just to refresh a small bathroom in your property, Barr Built is here to offer the best solutions. Contact us at to discuss your project details and how we can help you transform your bathroom into a space of your dreams.

A chic Parramatta bathroom renovation featuring a minimalist white freestanding bathtub, a modern vanity with wooden accents, and stylish patterned floor tiles.

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Barr Built stands out as a premier provider of bespoke bathroom renovation services, exclusively serving the Manly area with unparalleled expertise and commitment. At the heart of our operation is a deep-seated dedication to fully understanding and impeccably meeting the unique requirements of each of our clients. Our approach is meticulously tailored, ensuring that every aspect of the renovation process, from the initial design concepts to the final touches, is aligned with the homeowner's vision and preferences.

Barr Built is unwavering in its commitment to deliver not just superior-quality renovations, but also unparalleled experiences characterised by outstanding craftsmanship and reliability. Our focus is intensely set on creating bespoke designs that are in complete harmony with your distinctive style preferences. We understand that a renovation is more than just an update to your space; it’s a reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every detail of your renovation is tailored to meet your specific desires and requirements.

Our team at Barr Built is highly skilled in the specialised art of updating bathrooms within heritage homes across Manly, achieving a masterful balance between maintaining the enchanting allure of historical properties and integrating modern conveniences. This delicate process ensures that while the rich history and character of these homes are preserved, they are also enhanced with contemporary elegance and functionality. We understand the complexities involved in such renovations, including navigating architectural constraints and heritage preservation guidelines, and we approach each project with the care, precision, and respect it deserves.

At Barr Built, our dedication to achieving the pinnacle of excellence in every project we undertake is steadfast. With a keen eye for detail, we meticulously select only the finest quality materials, ensuring that each element of your bathroom renovation not only meets but exceeds our rigorous standards of quality and durability. Our commitment extends to our workforce as well; we employ highly skilled professionals, each with a deep understanding and expertise in their respective fields, from design to construction, ensuring that every phase of your renovation is executed with unparalleled precision and craftsmanship.

Our expertise is deeply rooted in tailoring bathroom renovation services to perfectly align with your individual design preferences, whether you envision a sleek modern aesthetic, a timeless traditional style, or a bathroom that boasts a unique and distinctive flair, especially within the Manly area. We understand that every homeowner has a unique set of desires and requirements for their space, and our goal is to bring those visions to life with precision and creativity.

The pricing for a bathroom renovation carried out by Barr Built is designed to be flexible, accommodating a wide range of budgets and project scopes. This flexibility is based on several key factors such as the overall size of the bathroom, the complexity of the renovation required, and the specific types of materials and finishes selected for the project. We understand that each of these elements can significantly influence the final cost, and we are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive and transparent breakdown of all expenses involved.

We recognise the importance of minimizing disruptions to your daily routine, which is why we meticulously plan and manage each phase of the renovation. From the initial design and planning stages to the selection of materials and execution of the work, we employ a strategic approach to streamline operations. This includes conducting a thorough assessment of the project requirements, setting realistic timelines, and maintaining clear and consistent communication with you throughout the project's duration.

Our approach to bathroom remodelling is holistic, ensuring that every component, from the initial design to the final installation, is executed to the highest level of quality. This includes detailed planning and coordination of all plumbing and electrical modifications or upgrades, essential for enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your bathroom. By integrating modern, energy-efficient solutions, we not only improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your space but also contribute to its overall sustainability.

Barr Built is highly proficient in navigating the intricacies of regulatory requirements, providing thorough assistance in securing all necessary permits to ensure that your bathroom renovation in Manly complies fully with local regulations. Our extensive experience in this area means we understand the importance of adhering to these standards, not just for the legality of the project but also for the safety and durability of your renovation.

Barr Built is deeply committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly approaches into our bathroom renovation projects in Manly with seamless precision. Our dedication to environmental stewardship drives us to prioritise the use of sustainable materials and adopt environmentally conscious methods throughout our renovation process, aiming to significantly reduce our ecological footprint.