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Barr Built, a leading name in Sydney’s renovation scene, specialises in turning bathrooms and laundries into more than just functional spaces. We believe these areas can be sanctuaries for relaxation and rejuvenation. It delves into the ethos of Barr Built, exploring our comprehensive services, unique approach to design and project management, and commitment to transforming your home into a haven of comfort and style.

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Regarding the cost and return on investment for bathroom renovations in Sydney, particularly in the suburb of Lindfield, it’s essential to understand that these financial figures can fluctuate considerably. Factors influencing the cost include the bathroom’s dimensions, the selection of materials, and the renovation’s scale. Whether you’re updating fixtures or undertaking a complete overhaul, these elements collectively determine the overall investment and potential return in Sydney’s competitive housing market.

Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Bankstown

In Lindfield, Sydney, bathroom renovations vary from simple updates to luxurious overhauls. Basic renovations focus on essential improvements like new fixtures and paint, offering functionality at an affordable cost. Mid-range renovations involve higher quality materials and design changes, such as new tiling and layout modifications. High-end renovations, on the other hand, deliver a bespoke, luxurious experience with premium materials and custom designs. Each renovation level aims to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, catering to individual styles and needs while potentially adding value in Lindfield’s dynamic property market.

A bright and airy bathroom with a white vanity, a glass shower, and a window with blinds

Expected Return on Investment

  1. Boost in Property Value: A well-executed bathroom renovation can potentially increase your property value by about 5% to 10%. In Lindfield, where the property market is as hot as a stolen sausage roll, this could be quite substantial.

  2. Appeal to Buyers and Renters: A spiffy bathroom can be a major drawcard for potential buyers or renters. If you’re in a swanky area like Lindfield, close to landmarks like Lindfield Station or the Lindfield Community Centre, a top-notch bathroom can really help your property stand out in the competitive market.

  3. Rental Yield: For rental properties, a renovated bathroom can justify a higher rent, thus improving your rental yield. It’s like giving your investment property a bit of a nudge to work harder for you.

Local Considerations

  1. Local Examples: In areas like Lindfield, where you have a mix of charming older homes and sleek new developments like those around Lindfield Village Green, bathroom renovations can range from classic, heritage-style updates to ultra-modern makeovers.

  2. Property Names: In developments like ‘The Lindfield’ on Pacific Highway or the luxury apartments in ‘Crimson Hill’, bathroom renovations are often seen as a key element in maintaining high property values and attracting discerning buyers or renters.

Our Promise


Our promise to you is a bathroom renovation that stands out in every detail. We are committed to enhancing your lifestyle through exceptional craftsmanship and a keen eye for design. Every element in your Lindfield bathroom will reflect our dedication to superior quality.

Sleek bathroom renovation in Parramatta showcasing a curved freestanding tub, wooden vanity unit with an above-counter basin, reflective grey wall tiles, and decorative floor tiling.

Our Services

Services We’re Offering


Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Our team of experts specialises in achieving outstanding results, from comprehensive bathroom remodels to modest home expansions.

This image depicts a bathroom renovation by Barr Built located in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney. The design showcases a spacious layout with a large mirror extending over a sleek, wood-finished vanity. A vessel sink sits atop the vanity, accompanied by modern fixtures. The shower area is enclosed with clear glass, enhancing the open feel of the room. Neutral-toned tiles cover the walls and floor, contributing to the bathroom's clean and contemporary ambiance. This renovation exemplifies Barr Built's commitment to luxury and modernity in home design.

Apartment Bathroom Renovations

Our proficiency is in elevating the functionality and appearance of condominium bathrooms, ensuring a luxurious finish no matter the size of the space.

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Small Bathroom Renovations

We excel in transforming small bathroom spaces into contemporary and practical areas, enhancing your home’s functionality and increasing its market value.

This image captures the essence of modern living in Sydney with a view of the apartment at 12/1 Milray Street, Lindfield. The building features a sleek contemporary design with a neutral color palette, complemented by natural wood elements and lush greenery. The well-maintained hedge and the stylish wooden fence add a sense of privacy and elegance to the urban residence. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the architecture reflect the latest trends in urban apartment design. Located in the heart of Lindfield, this property offers a serene living space within the bustling city atmosphere.

Minor Bathroom Renovations

We are adept at executing minor bathroom upgrades that optimise space efficiency and improve aesthetic allure within constrained areas.

This photograph presents the sophisticated exterior of a modern apartment complex located in Lindfield, Sydney. The architecture showcases a blend of contemporary style with luxurious finishes, featuring clean lines, contrasting textures, and a monochromatic color scheme. The building is adorned with balconies for each apartment, offering private outdoor spaces for residents. Prominently positioned in a desirable neighborhood, the complex is surrounded by mature trees, contributing to a serene urban environment. This image illustrates the appeal of modern residential living in Sydney, with a focus on design, comfort, and convenience.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Our method of enhancing ensuite bathrooms maintains the same high level of quality and design elegance as our more compact bathroom renovations.

A newly renovated bathroom in Parramatta featuring a double-sink grey vanity with marble countertop, two circular mirrors, black fixtures, and a walk-in shower with geometric patterned tiles.

Unique Building Regulations and Challenges in LINDFIELD

1. Educational Infrastructure and Building Innovation

Lindfield Learning Village in Sydney represents an innovative approach in educational infrastructure, challenging traditional methods and demonstrating excellence in practice and outcomes. This indicates a focus on innovative and versatile use of space in Lindfield.

2. Housing Differentiation and Renewal Challenges

Middle-ring suburbs in Sydney, including areas like Lindfield, are experiencing challenges due to socio-demographic changes, ageing housing stock, and social disadvantage. These areas are seeing market-led reinvestment and renewal, highlighting the need for adaptive and forward-thinking housing policies.

3. Urban Consolidation and Community Opposition

There’s a strong push for higher-density housing in Sydney as a response to population growth and environmental concerns. However, this approach faces significant public debate and opposition, especially in suburbs like Lindfield. Understanding public perceptions of these policies is crucial for successful urban planning.

4. Challenges in Apartment Living

The increased focus on higher density development, particularly in apartments, poses challenges in terms of regulation, representation, and termination in strata developments. This is particularly relevant in suburbs like Lindfield, which are experiencing growth in strata living.

5. Infill Housing Development

Infill housing is a key strategy in addressing the need for sustainable and affordable housing in established suburbs like Lindfield. Understanding the unique patterns of development in these areas is vital for effective urban regeneration.



TLC Payment Plans

Discover the ease of transforming your bathroom with Barr Built’s flexible payment plans, in partnership with T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit. Tailored to fit various budgets, our plans offer loans from $2,001 to $50,000, ensuring your dream renovation is within reach.

Would you like some TLC?

With T.L.C. Total Lifestyle Credit, you can start your bathroom renovation project with peace of mind, knowing that manageable payments and professional support are part of the package.

Trust Barr Built to make your bathroom transformation not just a vision, but an achievable reality.

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The portfolio of Barr Built showcases a remarkable variety of finished projects in Lindfield and its surrounding areas. This collection acts as a valuable source of inspiration, demonstrating our skill in realizing a wide range of renovation ideas.

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Packages We Offer

Our carefully curated bathroom renovation cost packages simplify choices, maximize value, and cater directly to your needs.

Essential Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Package

Ideal for budget-conscious clients seeking luxury bathroom renovations without a complete overhaul.
The Comenarra Parkway Photo 1

Premium Transformation Package

A comprehensive bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation solution for those looking to transform their space completely.
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Enhancing Property Value through Bathroom Renovations in LINDFIELD, Sydney

Impact on Property Values in  Lindfield Suburb

  • Value Enhancement: In Lindfield, a suburb known for its lush greenery and serene residential streets like Highfield Road or Bent Street, bathroom renovations often lead to a significant increase in property values. This suburb, with its mix of heritage homes and modern townhouses, greatly benefits from updated bathrooms, particularly when renovations include high-end finishes or water-saving features.
  • Attractiveness to Buyers: Lindfield, boasting of amenities like the Lindfield Rail Station and proximity to the Lane Cove National Park, becomes more attractive to prospective buyers when homes feature renovated bathrooms. This is especially true for properties near landmarks like the Lindfield Community Centre, where updated homes stand out in the market.
  • Rental Appeal: For rental properties, such as those near the University of Technology Sydney, Lindfield campus, updated bathrooms can lead to higher rental yields. Landlords find that properties in this area, known for a mix of students and professionals, fetch higher rents after such improvements.

Comparative Analysis with Other Suburbs

  • Lindfield vs. Chatswood: Chatswood, a hub with commercial centers like Chatswood Chase, sees a different impact from bathroom renovations. While both suburbs benefit, the higher density living in Chatswood, with apartment complexes like Metro Residences, means that renovations often focus on space optimization, which can be a crucial selling point.
  • Lindfield vs. Gordon: Gordon, characterized by its spacious, more traditional homes, compared to Lindfield’s mix of old and new, sees a slightly different trend. Here, renovations that preserve historical features while modernizing facilities can significantly boost property value, more so than in Lindfield where modern aesthetics might be more valued.
  • Lindfield vs. Hornsby: In Hornsby, known for its more affordable housing options and natural attractions like the Hornsby Water Clock, bathroom renovations can be a game-changer in the property market. While Lindfield properties benefit from modern, high-end renovations, in Hornsby, even modest updates can greatly increase a property’s market appeal.

Popular Residential Properties in Lindfield

  • Apartments: “The Lindfield”, a modern apartment complex, is known for its sleek design, and renovated units here command a premium.
  • Villas: The heritage-listed “Lindfield Villas” often see a significant increase in value with tasteful bathroom updates that respect their historical charm.

Expert Guidance On Council Approval for Bathroom Renovations in LINDFIELD, Sydney

Lindfield falls under the jurisdiction of the Ku-ring-gai Council. This council is responsible for overseeing building regulations and approvals in the area. Homeowners looking to undertake any construction or renovation projects must seek approval from the Ku-ring-gai Council.

Types of Approvals Required

  • Development Applications (DA): Most significant building works in Lindfield require a DA. This includes new constructions, major renovations, and alterations to heritage-listed properties.

  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC): For less complex developments, a CDC can be an alternative to a DA. These are governed by state-wide regulations and can be faster to obtain.

  • Construction Certificates: After obtaining DA approval, a Construction Certificate is needed before work commences.

  • Occupation Certificates: Required upon completion of the work, confirming that the project meets all the compliance and safety standards.

Exempt Development
Some minor developments might not require formal approval, classified as ‘Exempt Development.’ These typically include small-scale structures like garden sheds, fences, or minor home renovations that meet specific criteria.

Government Bodies Responsible

  • Ku-ring-gai Council: Main authority for local building approvals.

  • NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment: Overseeing state-wide planning and environment matters, including compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Local Landmarks and Properties

Lindfield is known for its leafy streets and a mix of architectural styles ranging from grand Federation-era homes to Californian bungalows and modernist designs. Popular residential areas include the Lindfield Village Hub, a significant urban renewal project including apartments and community spaces.

Your Renovation journey with Barr built

Get In Touch

Whether you’re looking for bathroom makeovers, complete bathroom renovations, or just to refresh a small bathroom in your property, Barr Built is here to offer the best solutions. Contact us at to discuss your project details and how we can help you transform your bathroom into a space of your dreams.

A chic Parramatta bathroom renovation featuring a minimalist white freestanding bathtub, a modern vanity with wooden accents, and stylish patterned floor tiles.

Our Testimonials

Barr Built Bathroom Renovations Sydney
Barr Built Bathroom Renovations Sydney
8 Google reviews
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
We are so happy with our bathroom laundry and home renovation completed by Afi and the Barr Built team in our home. From the beginning all the way through to the end of the project the team kept us informed and alleviated us from the stress of having to manage the project ourselves. The team were also so helpful when it came to providing design ideas/solutions to fit our needs. I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Taylor Goodman
Taylor Goodman
Highly recommend Barr Built. They completed our bathroom renovation and dealing with them was so easy. Very quick to respond, showed up when they said they would and delivered what was agreed. Very happy with their work and would use them again in future.
Emma van Lint
Emma van Lint
Afi went above and beyond for an amazing outcome in our bathroom and kitchen renovation. We initially found him through another company but he was the one who did all the hard work to pull everything together. We can’t recommend highly enough! Fantastic attention to detail, precision and quality. He really cares about his work and it can be seen in the end result. Before and after photos below.
lisa parsons
lisa parsons
Afi is a talented, committed and reliable Project Manager. Every renovation undertaken with Afi’s oversight is completed with excellent attention to detail. He recently managed two bathroom renovations to my little church in turramurra, which significantly increased the sale price. Afi is now completing renovations to my new home in the Southern Highlands. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who will get the job done right. Thank you Afi!
Neil Buckley
Neil Buckley
Afi is amazing … fast,.accurate, tidy..Very knowledgeable and.gets the job done fast. We were super impressed. If we could give him 6.out of 5 we would.

Our Trade partners


Barr Built is renowned for its expertise and skill in handling bathroom renovation projects, including those in the Lindfield area. With a strong reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail, Barr Built has a track record of transforming bathrooms into modern, functional spaces. Our team is experienced in managing all aspects of bathroom renovations, from design and material selection to installation and finishing. This makes us a reliable choice for homeowners in Lindfield looking to upgrade their bathrooms with a touch of elegance and efficiency.

Barr Built sets itself apart in the Lindfield region with a unique approach to bathroom renovation that emphasizes customisation, quality, and client collaboration. Our method involves a thorough consultation process to understand each client's specific needs and preferences. This is followed by the use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge design trends to create a bathroom space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Barr Built's attention to detail, commitment to craftsmanship, and adherence to project timelines ensure a smooth and satisfactory renovation experience for homeowners in Lindfield. This tailored approach, combined with our expertise in the latest bathroom innovations, makes us a standout choice in the area.

Yes, we possess specialised expertise in renovating bathrooms in historically significant residences within the Lindfield area. Our team approaches each project with a deep respect for the property's historical integrity, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern amenities to enhance the bathroom's functionality while preserving its original charm. We work closely with clients to ensure that every aspect of the renovation respects the historical character of the home, employing materials and techniques that align with its era. Our extensive experience in handling the unique challenges that come with historic properties in Lindfield makes us adept at delivering renovations that honor the past while embracing contemporary comfort and style.

Barr Built is well-equipped to adapt to distinctive or non-traditional design ideas in the bathroom renovation projects. Our team thrives on creativity and embraces the challenge of incorporating unique design elements into the work. Whether it's integrating avant-garde fixtures, unconventional layouts, or personalised artistic touches, Barr Built has the expertise and flexibility to bring such visions to life. Our approach involves closely collaborating with clients to understand their unique preferences and translating these ideas into practical, stylish, and innovative bathroom designs. This adaptability and openness to creative concepts makes us a preferred choice for clients seeking to add a personal and unconventional flair to their bathroom renovations.

In the Lindfield area of Sydney, you can find several local material suppliers for your bathroom renovation needs.

Local Tile Suppliers in Lindfield:


Classic Ceramic

Bathroom Suppliers in Lindfield:

Hills TKB

Lamex Bathrooms

Plumber Companies in Lindfield

Milbur Plumbing

Gary Renouf Plumbing

The typical cost of a standard bathroom renovation in Lindfield by Barr Built can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of the bathroom, the quality of materials used, the complexity of the design, and the extent of the structural changes required. Generally, bathroom renovations can range from moderate to high-end costs, depending on the client's preferences and the specific requirements of the project. Barr Built is known for providing customized solutions, so the final cost would be best determined after a detailed consultation, where we assess the specific needs and desires of the homeowner. We provide transparent quotes, ensuring clients are aware of the costs involved in achieving their desired bathroom renovation.

The duration of a bathroom renovation project completed by Barr Built typically depends on various factors, including the project's scope, complexity of the design, size of the bathroom, and the availability of materials. Generally, a standard bathroom renovation can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Barr Built is known for the efficient project management and clear communication, ensuring that timelines are discussed and agreed upon with the client beforehand. Our goal is to minimize disruption while delivering high-quality results, but the exact timeline would be established after a thorough assessment of the renovation requirements and client specifications.

Yes, Barr Built is well-equipped to handle bathroom renovations that include both plumbing and electrical services. We have a team of skilled professionals who are experienced in a wide range of renovation tasks, including the intricate aspects of plumbing and electrical work. This comprehensive approach ensures that all elements of the bathroom renovation, from the initial design to the final touches, are seamlessly integrated and executed to the highest standards. By managing both plumbing and electrical aspects in-house, Barr Built provides a cohesive and efficient renovation experience, ensuring that all components of the project are harmoniously aligned with the overall design vision.

Barr Built is committed to environmental sustainability in their bathroom renovation projects, implementing several key measures. They prioritize the use of eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials and fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and showerheads, LED lighting, and sustainably sourced tiles and cabinetry. Additionally, they focus on reducing waste by recycling materials wherever possible and employing efficient construction practices that minimize environmental impact. Their design approach often includes maximizing natural light and ventilation to reduce energy consumption. Barr Built’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials, design techniques, and overall project management, ensuring that each bathroom renovation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Yes, Barr Built offers assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for bathroom renovation projects. Understanding that navigating the permit process can be complex and time-consuming for homeowners, we provide expert guidance and support throughout. This includes handling the documentation, ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations, and liaising with relevant authorities. Our comprehensive service aims to streamline the permit acquisition process, making it hassle-free for our clients. This ensures that all aspects of the renovation are legally compliant and meet the required standards, providing peace of mind and a smoother renovation experience.